Working with font.

Making diffrent text styles

Font is a style of text or writing. In this tip it is used to describe letters and words that are read by your browser. Although there are other meanings.

To change text you have to add html tags. There are quite a few of them.But lets start off easy.

So lets say you want to underline the phrase Rebel flag. All you do is add the underline tag before the phrase like this....

It will look like this-->> Rebel flage when you post it.

The only problem is EVERYTHING after the tag will be underlined till you tell the tag to stop.

So if you posted. "The Rebel flag is a symbol of the South" without the closing tag it would look like this.....

The Rebel flag is a symbol of the South.

So what you have to do is close the tag like this.

So it will post like this

The Rebel flag is a symbol of the South.

So here are some more tags the way they would look before you posted them.

This is what they look like when you post them.

This is the Bold tag

This is the underline tag

This is the italicized tag

This is the subscripted tag

This is the deleted tag

This is the superscripted tag

There are more, this is just a basic list.