Understanding DSCI 27 March, 2021 -- Passover 2021 -- What is Christian Identity and What Do We Believe? Exodus 2021

Starting at sunset 27 March 2021 and ending along with the Days of Unleavened Break a week later is Passover 2021 the Start of the Holy Days of 2021. Tonight's series of podcasts shall be entitled "Exodus 2021"

Actually, the First Passover was against the Hyksos Amorite Canaanite jews circa 1552 BC. The Ancient Israelites combined with the Theban 17th Dynasty and together the native Egyptians and the Israelite slaves destroyed the Hyksos. Ahmose I established the New Kingdom. Moses later destroyed the Amorite invaders on the Trans-Jordan 38 years later and Joshua in his partial conquest of Canaan destroyed most of the Amorite Canaanite blond, blue-eyed jews over the next 26 years. The 18th Dynasty under Ahmose I set up the New Kingdom which ruled the next 250 years and went to Ramesses II who ruled until 1209 BC then the Late Bronze Age Collapse in 1200-1179 BC.

The Amorite Canaanite jews who went west conquered Egypt. The ones who went east under Hammarabi conquered Babylon. They followed Joseph and his brothers who built the great Lake Moetis into the Eastern Delta of Goshen and by 1776 BC destroyed the degenerate remants of the 12Th Dynasty and The Middle Kingdom and took over. Then they enslaved our Israelite ancestors just like the Khazar/Hittite jews enslaved us ZOGling whigger ass-clowns today.

Tonight is the start of Passover 2021. I shall be doing a podcast explaining how in the late Middle Kingdom and in the Late ZOG/Babylonian Mighty Evil Empire how sinning Israelites were and are enslaved until they cried out for a Deliverer and in later nights explain how these slave-born [de]generations hated YHWH's Law and Freedumb and wanted to go back to sin and Egypt and ZOG/Babylon and how YHWH had to destroy all but a pitiful few of the Remnant, both in the 16th Century BC and in 21st Century ZOG through the Great Tribulation / Collapse.

Exodus 2021 will be the name for these podcasts.