LOL, your entire existence is meaningless, which is why you constantly resort to a myriad of sockpuppets, all equally worthless, as are your posts. The real, original RABBI, whom I knew VERY well (take a hint and look at the tombstones in the H&F Graveyard), and 999, were stellar posters with lots to say, unlike you, and REALLY unlike you, both were also highly articulate. I can and do discourse about a variety of subjects other than speculating about the age and living arrangements of other posters here, which is what YOU do, but then again, you're a thick twat, so I can't and won't expect any more from you. Yes, I use socks now and then, but again, unlike you and the other imbecile, UF, I'm not afraid to use my one and only original (almost) username here. ;-) *NM*

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