What Toad wants from his "lawsuit", that he'll never file and if he does, he'll lose because he hasn't asked for his computers back in the first place. Oh, and he wants the local media and newspapers to issue an apology for wrongfully reporting the story. Oh, and he wanted 9 million dollars back in 2017

What do you want out of this lawsuit

1. the return of my computer equipment or compensation for it. They took two gaming computer, two external HD, a laptop (which wasn't even mine) and flash drive and bits and bobs.

Maybe if you file the proper paperwork, they might consider it if the FBI doesn't have them

2. A public apology to me and my family. Repair some of the damage you (the police and state had created)
Why should they apologize for doing their job? The FBI went out of their way to go to Taylorville to tell the police to arrest you for an immanent threat.

3. An injunction to stop the police from violating my rights to file a complaint. So that this will NEVER happen again.
Which never has happened. You don't have the right to file FRIVOLOUS complaints, which you attempted to do multiple times, and called 911 on ham radio operators

4. A public apology by all the Springfield TV stations, radio stations, and local newspaper
BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, for doing their jobs???

5. I will not seek the 9 million dollars I was planning on sugin for although I reverse the right to do that in the future
DOUBLE BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I still have the video of that with your surfing the web for islands you were going to buy with the money

that's it...that's all I want.

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