No. Toad has created a world where he is perfect and everyone else is an "idiot". Todd believes he is the one that is superior and everyone else in inferior. Toad suffers from godlike syndrome. With Toad, nothing is ever his fault, EVER!!! He does three things.. a) He justifies everything like why he is still living with his parents at age 52. He'll lie so much, he actually starts believing the lie as true, such as when he threatened Consolidated Communication, Toad thinks it was them who threatened to kill him first. He lives in a fantasy world with his dolls while dressing up as a little girl while playing with them. Toad claims he was in MENSA and claims he was given a IQ test to enter community college, although no college at all has used IQ test for admission in over a half a century. Toad says his IQ is 140 based on an ##### IQ test, but I took the same test, answered all the questions wrong on purpose, and scored a 110. Toad just is in complete denial *NM*

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