Andrew Anglin's usually good on a lot of things, but on Limbaugh he's WAY off! The only times Limprag ever talked about conspiracy theories was to denigrate them and those who believed them as "kooks". Fat Man NEVER ascribed or attributed ANY BLAME WHATSOEVER to the kikenvermin for ANY conspiracies, conspiracy theories or anything else detrimental to the U.S. and CERTAINLY not to Whites. Fat Man repeated numerous times that "the U.S. was founded NOT on race, but on an IDEA", and that as far as race went, he was "color blind"! All news and/or history spewed from El Flushbo's kikehole was ALWAYS completely kosher! Maha-Ru$hi was phony opposition from day one. Like Mikie Weiner, Hannitool, Mark LevinE, etc., he would speak just enough truths to gain credibility with the kids and dummies, then wrap it all up in a nice, neat, pro-Isn't-rael bow. He never spoke ill of the (((Federal Reserve))) and never met a War For Isn't-rael that he didn't like. *NM*

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