Martin Lindstedt impersonating Trump on twiiter on GAB:

I am now the Most Acquitted President in History !!!

Screw you Demmyctwat Losers & Screw You too Gang of Seven RINOs Mittens Romney, Bens Ass, them two Crazoid GOPe C*nts Susan Collins & Loser Murkowski, Pfat Toomey, Dick-Burr, and Hope-a-long Cassidy. A special F-U to Bitch McCuckle, you turtle asshole who I gave you everything you wanted in tax cuts for the Republicuck donors while ignoring muh base. May your Chinky-Chung gook wife beat your turtle ass some more and feed you nothing but rancid dog kimchee ramen. Nasty Nancy was right -- you ain't nothing but a lying douchebag pussy not even worth grabbing. Sad !!!

"I have been completely and totally cleared of all wrongdoing in this pathetic witchhunt sham impeachment trial doomed to lose from the start. I am now the most acquitted president ever -- even more than that pervert Clinton, who never grabbed a single pussy on his own in real life but had to get pigs to procure hisself some pussy who wouldn't put out except for the fat little kikess intern who sucked your little dick. No president has ever been acquitted more than I have. Want to try best three out of five non-MAGAtard Demmyctwats? Will I get the credit? Probably not, because of the fake news media. I am looking forward to continuing our MAGA movement together for many more acquittals to come!"

Thank you Moan MAGA-Trump-Tards. Pity Judas Pence's nigger pig put Ashli Babbit in her grave. We will build back better after my Second Term after 2024 !!!

The Great & Powerful #45 & #47 !!!