Please understand that it takes a special kind of brain damage to be not just a fucktard, but a Fucktard™, like UF. He is not like other people. His mental impairment is so intense that he really believes that by posting under 6,666 different sockpuppets, he'll fool people into thinking he's 6,666 different people. Now, being as morbidly obese as he is, he may be closer to WEIGHING as much as 6,666 people than he is BEING 6,666 people, but let's face it: UF is a complete zero, and 0 x 6,666 still = zero, not that somebody as "special" as UF can comprehend math even at such a basic level. Even "2+2=4" is enough to cause UF's Tay Sachs degenerated brain to elicit a waterfall of drool from his maw. UF would gladly fellate my dear brother Todd for the chance to post in Todd's forum, but Todd WISELY will never allow an untermensch like UF to post there under ANY circumstances. Besides, Todd is a straight, White male while UF is a jewish pedo, so UF will have to dream on. Poor Unwiped! *NM*

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