Please understand that Unwiped Fucktard™ is not like other people. He's "special". He has the mind of a child, actually, a retarded child. He has nothing in his life other than his abject adoration of my dear brother Todd, who's everything UF aspired to but never could be: handsome, heterosexual, White, self fullfilled, gainfully employed, intelligent, the complete opposite of what the fugly, obese, pedophilic, public assistance thieving, greasy, rat faced, hook nosed Jew UF is. A brain damaged child is not fit to post in any message forum which is why Todd wisely perma-banned him. UF must be monitored 24/7 by responsible people, such as the orderlies at the institution which houses his almost 1/4 ton carcass. Don't be angry at such a pathetic entity. Instead, show him some well deserved compassion even though what he really deserves is euthanasia. Or at least those who have to live near him and put up with the horrible stench of his B.O. deserve his euthanasia. *NM*

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