Jewfag 'Artist' Ari Gold FUCKING DEAD OF CANCER at age 47 *LINK*

Soon after his passing, several of his friends and fellow artists shared tributes to the late star and thanked him for his contributions to the LGBTQ community.

Gold released seven albums with his music being featured on several TV shows — his most-played track. as"Where the Music Takes You" in 2007. He also served as the voice behind severel cartoon characters including on Jem and the Holograms and Cabbage Patch Kids.

"So many memories. Some of my favorites would be when we would be at the club back in the 90's talking intersectional feminist and queer theory in a corner for far too long," wrote actress Laverne Cox. "You played your demos for me at your apartment on West 16th Street before you released your first album. It's endless. You were there for so many many moments in my life."