This is why UF is alternatively known as "Capt. Projection" or "Sgt. Sockpuppet" in this forum, which he has endlessly befouled with his functional illiteracy and is the main reason UF will always be prevented from posting in Todd's forum. UF's Tay Sachs brain damage is far too profound to allow UF to ever contribute anything which could even be remotely construed as a serious or constructive conversation to any forum. UF is a forum wrecker. It's all UF can do. It's all UF knows. After all, Unwiped is a self-admitted Fucktard™, as evidenced by his having chosen this designation as his original forum username, prior to creating his division of forum socks. Take pity on UF, but don't take him seriously. Nobody else does or ever will, at least until he sets off another Amber Alert, but that's a story for another time. Like pedophilia, antisemitism is a disease and Unwiped Fucktard™ is a carrier for both! *NM*

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