Poor Unwiped Fucktard™. His Tay-Sachs brain damage is so profound that even he has lost count of how many sockpuppets he's used in this forum to attack my dear brother Todd. UF is vastly inferior to Todd in even more ways than UF has sockpuppets, which is to say UF is inferior to Todd in an almost infinite number of ways. UF continues to libel Todd as a pedophile but this allegation is patently false as evidenced by the way UF has to forever level it under the cloak of anonymity. Todd goes about his daily life on and offline under his own name, something a real pedophile could never do. This is in stark comparison to UF, whose accusations are always and forever posted under anonymous usernames, a clear indication that UF is the one likely guilty of actually being a pedophile. *NM*

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