You don't understand Unwiped Fucktard™. He's not like other people. He's 450+ pounds of odoriferous, Tay-Sachs brain damaged fucktardiness, a miserable failure at everything he's ever tried to do, save for sexually violating young boys and being a lifetime welfare/disability thief, the only things he's ever excelled at. Being such a hideous monstrosity of human fecal matter as UF is, it's only natural that he'd have to forever spend his life anonymously pecking away at a PC keyboard against my dear brother Todd, of whom UF is INSANELY jealous since unlike the jew UF, Todd is White, handsome, successful, self fullfilled, unafraid to use his real name on and offline, and is infinitely too wise to ever allow a verminous subhumanoid like UF to ever make Todd's forum as fowl smelling as UF is himself. *NM*

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