WRONG, everybody knows that Lloyd is a FAT RETARD while TOAD is an AUTISTIC RETARD! Why do you think he won't let me post in his forum? True, I am a retard just like them but there the similarity ends. While Lloyd is a FAT RETARD and Toad is an AUTISTIC RETARD, I am a TAY-SACHS RETARD!! Lloyd and Toad are white. I am a Jew and the difference is as big as are the dicks of the extremely large, VERY dark black men who assfuck me daily, so much so that my anus is now the size of a metropolitan airplane hangar!!! I don't want to have to keep explaining this to you. Your taking valueable time away from me that I could be using to shitpost about TOAD, so GET WITH THE PROGRAM ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *NM*

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