Feb. 14, 2021 "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

Routine Coincidence for Non-Essentials:
"Little by Little, That's How we Humans Adapt,
WE, The Domesticated, Faithful to Masters,
Four Times per Century Stumble into a Trap,
Routine Coincidence Seems to Bring Disasters,

Wars Thin the Herd and Debt Brings Austerity
Leading to Malnutrition and Infant Mortality,
We Plead for Aid, with Righteous Temerity
To Be Told Non-Essentials Are the Causality.

Yes, WE The Domesticated Must Suffer Abuse,
It Is Our Birthright, So Say the Masters,
Wars, Crashes, Pestilence, Now Covid Excuse,
Yes, Routine Coincidence Brings More Disasters."

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