I haven't done anything worthwhile ever in my entire life. I've eaten more pizzas than Lloyd has ever delivered, though. I didn't become 450+ pounds by eating salads, bubbe! And speaking of nobodies: who's more of a nobody than me? I whine and moan EVERY DAY about not being allowed to post in autistic retard Toad's forum! Can you imagine ANYBODy ever wanting to ban Quarter Ton of Fun me?? I am an ASSet to ANY forum stupid enough to let me post in it. Ok, I'm an ASShole to any forum stupid enough to let me post in, yeah, that's the ticket! Besides, neither Lloyd nor Toad are afraid to use their real names on and offline, something a greasy, rat faced, hook nosed, nigger-dick-fucked, baby penis tip chewing, ANONYMOUS KIKE like ME would NEVER do! *NM*

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