Ok, for the dumbass(es) who posted in this thread, we need to straighten a few things out. First, the Arty posting here of late is a fake because the REAL Arty became a good jew over a year ago, as per his tombstone. Second, Arty was really quite knowledgeable about history. For instance, he taught the forum that the niggers who lived in the Kingdom Of Kush developed a *far* more advanced civilization than those mouth breathing ancient Greeks and Romans (kosher history alert). Third, Arty also taught the forum that one can live his life looking like an Uncle Fester doppelganger and STILL be maniacal enough to kill a dissipated meth addict like Pete Jefferson/Bob Filus with his bare hands after Peetie demanded too forcefully to be the Top just ONCE during one of his and Arty's carnal trysts (Arty said no because Arty didn't roll that way). Thus, it's time to start showing Arty some genuine respect as he looks up at us while spending eternity with his father, Satan! ;-) *NM* *PIC*

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