Reminder: if somebody breaks into your house you have no right to shoot him if he's then running away. The cops will arrest you and take you to jail (which you'll deserve) if you try because he's no longer a threat, even if he's running away with your stuff. Now, if you're a cop and somebody comes at you in ANY way for ANY reason, you have a right to blast him into eternity because he's a threat to you. And if he's running away, that means he's resisting arrest, which means he's guilty anyway, thus you have a right, actually DUTY to shoot him dead. Remember: cops want to get home safely to their families at the end of a workday in which they've been serving and protecting YOU. That's the price we pay to be free in America. If you don't like it, then become a cop, or move to Russia and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. *NM*