The Great Reset?

The Great Reset?
by Miles Mathis
January 26, 2021
I have been checking the alternative sites pretty often lately, since although they are fronts like the
mainstream, some information trickles through there. They are written and produced to misdirect the
partially informed, rather than the utterly uninformed, so they have to admit some partial truths as a
nod to their audience. The mainstream can just sell night as day, with no connection to reality at all,
but the alternative media has to be a bit more clever, since their audience is a bit more clever. Anyway,
I ran across a funny lead at Infowars today. Jones always has a poll in the sidebar, to make you feel
involved, and this week it is a poll asking you who you think is in charge of the country right now.
Here are your choices:
☺ Joe Biden
☺ Military
☺ Radical Left
☺ China
Surprise, surprise, the right answer is not on the list.
45% believe China is running the country. 33% think it is the radical left. Together, that is almost
80% of respondents. So the propaganda is working. That's exactly what they want you to think. Two
years ago it was Russia, now it is China allegedly causing all your problems. You have to laugh. An
equally useful poll would have these choices for who is running your country:
☺ Gnomes
☺ Somali Pirates
☺ Greta Thunberg
☺ Elmo
So, although Gallup admits 60% of those polled don't trust the mainstream media, this is what we get
on the alternative media. A slightly different brand of misdirection.
Just so you know, it isn't China causing all your problems. It is the Intel agencies working for the
Phoenician Navy. Something on the order of 10 million people have been hired in the US alone, and
are tied to psychological operations in some way, in order to destabilize you. What does that mean? It
means they have been hired to create CHAOS, in order to give you ulcers, make you anxious, scare you
senseless, and corral you into little pens far away from any truth. Also to sell you a mountain of crap
you don't need. So the only answer that was close to the truth in Jones' poll was “military”. There are
indeed a lot of people in the military who are in Intelligence, since every base has a psychological
operations unit. The primary function of these people is to mess with you on a daily basis. Kirtland
Air Force Base in nearby Albuquerque has an entire unit assigned to trying to scare or shame me, and
to surrounding everything I say with noise. The project is a huge failure, but there it is.
But in general, these units aren't assigned to individual people. They are assigned to categories. They
have assigned you to one of ten levels, with level 1 being senseless blob and level 10 being incipient
revolutionary. They have to spend very little money addressing the lower levels, since those people are
no threat. So they focus their fire on the upper four levels. The mainstream media is geared to level 5,
and also works on all levels below that. So the “alternative” media, and all psyops, are targeted to
levels 7 through 10. Level 10 is also pretty much ignored for two reasons. One, it comprises a very
small number of people—maybe only a few thousand. Two, it is known those people are can't be
turned back to the middle. They know they can't remold me back into a blob, so for the most part they
don't even try. In my case, they now limit themselves to surrounding me with noise. They call me
names, hire people to buddy up to me, and do their best to falsely link me to Flat Earth or some other
manufactured conjob.
And why don't they just shut me down? Because they can't start shutting real people down and at the
same time continue to sell the fiction of an Open Society, a Free Press, and Free Speech. One of the
main ways they have controlled the lower levels in the US for 245 years is by making them think they
live in a free society. That scenario has worked marvelously well, because there is no reason to revolt
if you live in a free society. Citizens think they don't need to revolt, since they can vote instead. They
have representatives they can petition. They have courts to appeal to. But if they started just shutting
people like me down, it would be very hard to maintain that scenario. The lower levels would catch on
that they are not living in a free society, and the danger of revolution would rise very quickly.
In fact, the danger of revolution IS rising right now, and it is rising for that very reason. Once you start
“deplatforming” people, censoring the President, and calling for widespread bans on free speech, even
the lower levels start catching on. When Congress begins attacking half the people in the country
based on their political beliefs, you have a major problem in governance. When the mainstream media
begins attacking half the people in the country, you have major problems in governance.
So why are they doing it? I have already told you in previous papers. Given their current levels of
control, they don't fear a revolution, so they feel free to play any games they like. They don't need to
shut me down, so they don't. Creating real martyrs right now would be counter-productive. The
present project is all planned and managed, and it is managed to do four major things: 1) Keep your
eyes off the multi-trillion-dollar theft from the worldwide treasuries in 2020, which just made the rich
far richer; 2) Sell you a vaccine, which will make the rich far richer, and which—as a side effect—will
make you far dumber; 3) Scare you senseless, so that you will welcome any New World Order in 2021,
as long as it doesn't include a lockdown or a mask; 4) Drive you into the waiting arms of the new
Republican Party.
The first three are pretty self-explanatory, but many still aren't getting number 4. We are in the early
stages of that project, so the endgame is still blurry for many. Right now, it looks like the Dems are
being promoted and the Reps are being phased out. But as I have been telling you, it is just the
opposite. The masses are being pushed right, not left. All the outrageous things being said and done
by the left are scripted, like everything else. And they are being scripted to call out a response from
you. You are meant to be revolted by all this transparent fascism coming from the left. You are meant
to hate Antifa, SJW, #Metoo, BLM, and all the rest. You are meant to believe the election was stolen.
“Liberals” are being purposely blackwashed. That is their role, and thousands have been hired to play
the part of the bad guy, the heavy, or the villain, including Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. That is why
the police are allowing the left to riot, and why the mainstream media is reporting all the asinine things
they are saying. That is why they are calling for defunding the police, socialism, and free rent. That is
why these whiteboys of Antifa are calling for the end of the white race: whites are the majority in this
country even now, and they are being purposely stirred up. Same for the blacks in the news, saying
outrageous and incendiary things on purpose. It is a repeat of the whole Black Panthers fiction of the
60s, which was also created and managed to blackwash the left. They needed to move the country hard
right in the 1960s, and they needed to do it again in 2020. Nothing squelches revolutionary spirit and
takes the eyes off the very rich like a forced movement to the right, including fake race wars, fake
gender wars, and fake political wars.
This is why the rise in revolutionary spirit is not only being allowed, but promoted. That revolutionary
spirit is pushing you right, toward the New Republican Party, so it is no real danger. The revolution is
scripted and controlled, you see.
So although the Republican Party now looks out-for-the-count, I predict it will see an amazing
renaissance in the near future. The Democratic Party will purposely self-destruct over the next year,
and the masses will be pushed to embrace the New Republican Party—which may be rebranded as the
Patriot Party or some other equally disingenuous name. I would suggest other possibilities: the
Homeland Party, the Fatherland Party, the Greatness Party, the Everyman Party, the TPL (Thousand
Points of Light) Party, the Phoenix Party, or the Delta Party—though the last two may be too obvious.
But we won't see a one-party system. That wouldn't fit the script, which calls for a continued pretense
of choice. The Democratic Party will also be reconstituted and rebranded, and the devil only knows
what ridiculous name and slogan it will adopt. All we can be sure of is that although both new parties
will be buffed and shined to appeal to the common man, both will be even more streamlined fronts for
the ruling class. By the time these new parties fully erupt, people will have become sick of the old
left/right divide, and that storyline will be ditched. It will be replaced by some plastic, futuristic fake
illusion of choice, on the level of chocolate versus peanut butter, or Stones versus Beatles, or Friends
versus Seinfeld. You will be even further weaned off real issues and herded into a formica fairyland of
infantile factions and tiny talking points.
So if you want to know what the future holds, all you have to do is study the past. In general,
absolutely nothing is changing. There is no Great Reset. No New World Order. No New Normal.
What has been happening for decades or centuries will continue to happen: a long slow decline away
from Nature and towards dehumanization. A dumbing down of the middle classes so that they can be
more easily harvested. A short-circuiting of all positive instincts, and their replacement with controlled
responses. The trading of education for propaganda.
Before long, the people will know nothing but useless trivia. Jeopardy will jettison all science and
history, and all categories will be “pop” categories. The news will contain absolutely no news.
Literature will contain no literature, poetry will contain no poetry, and art will contain no art. No, wait,
we are already there. How could there be a “Reset” when we are already there? What we are seeing
isn't a Reset, it is a Replay.
But you can stop the replay by just not playing. Just say no. Unplug the machine. That is the thing
about a machine: it requires your cooperation and cannot run on its own. A machine requires human
input, so don't give it any of yours. You will say the Big Machine can't be shut down by you alone: it
would require a majority to wake up and act. Yes, that is true. As a whole, the machine probably won't
be shut down in your lifetime. But you can always unplug yourself from it. People have been
unplugging for centuries. Thoreau unplugged himself, and told you how to do it. Just don't participate.
Right action does not require a majority. You don't have to wait until everyone else is doing the right
thing to do it. You can start doing it today.
Always opt out. Opt out of the body scanner at the airport, opt out of the vaccine, opt out of masks.
But you can opt out of things even when there isn't an obvious opt-out clause. You can opt out of
anything. Remember that.
Just don't do it.
The opposite of Nike. Yes, you can now see that Nike's mantra was a bit of veiled propaganda. It
should have been “Oh, just do it already.” Don't question anything, just do it. But our mantra is the
opposite: just don't do it.

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