What a tiny crew of pathetic peoples...

Okay a few things

mom's been in a nursing home for like SIX long Years
no fool is chatting with her
I mean why would you even want to harass some elder unless you are some sick fuck eh'

Dad's 88
know what ?
not one of you homos have called him
shit you posted his land line

you idiots STILL dont know where I live
some figure I'm still at Duluth, others claim in Warroad in the basement
left Duluth YEARS ago
not in Warroad either

Swatting me ?
good luck with all that
just gives me more ammunition to go after the board itself by hosting bullshit in the end
yep, you think you get away with this ?
well, no you dont, I'm just lazy
whomever runs the board now is guilty of endorsing felonious Criminal conduct
who knows, I may go at them directly
shit could be fun going after a crew of anti Semitic Retards in the new Biden era eh'

a board where neo nazis hang out
I am now real good with sending Feds to your IPs then doors,

shit what the hell huh'

earlier I sent this URL to multiple tip lines
some government, some just orgs as a nexus of White hate which some here truly are
Southern Poverty Law Center will have fun with racist shit here

have fun nazis

oh' trust me, the actual owners will come out
no more hiding

this will be fun shit assholes
you brought it all upon yourselves.

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