He steals enough productivity from (White) taxpayers to keep his girth at 450+ pounds and in an endless monthly supply of Depends for those times when the orderlies can't heave him up out of his wheelchair with the truck engine hoist in time to get him to the reinforced toilet. His NAMBLA monthly newsletter subscription also runs in perpetuity thanks to the largess of others. UF has never worked an honest job for even ONE SINGLE DAY of his wasted, kosher life and he has thousands upon thousands of Todd shitposts here from at least 6,666 sockpuppets to prove it. It would be wonderful if his synagogue opened back up on Friday nights so that he could waddle the grueling one block there and bit the penis tips off of baby boys. Well, it might not be so wonderful for those kiddies, but at least it would rid us of his obese tuchis here for a few hours once a week anyway, lol. :-) *NM*

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