Then you need to stop drinking, 999. It's not surprising that somebody who listens to Turdner wouldn't know what he's talking about, but you do not. And your 1801 court case was only for North Carolina, not the other states, but otherwise, it still doesn't mean squat here. Individual citizens (NOT the government) were considered sovereigns (NOT corporate entities) under the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution for the united states of America (small "u" and small "s" there). And just to correct you: it was the CORPORATE United States (CAPITAL "U" and "S") which became a reality in 1871, but that's ok, I realize you're a little slow. Sober up, brush up on your English, and stop listening to Turdner and other neo-cohns and instead find some racial patriots as info sources. That is if you're even White, which I sort of doubt at this point. *NM*

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