Pretty good book. shows you how the French revolution was pretty much a pre-planned operation conducted by the secret societies like the Illuminati and the Grand orient lodge in Paris.

Augustin Barruel's magnum opus first appeared in 1798. The original work, published in four volumes, comprised nearly 2000 pages. It has been translated into multiple languages and was an instant bestseller in English and French. The present reprint from Real-View-Books includes all four volumes of the original.

Barruel (1743-1820) was in the thick of the French Revolution as it came to pass--having to flee to England--and his account of the forces who directed those tumultous events stems from first-hand experience. Assigning blame for the terror and anarchy, Barruel singled out the French Masonic Lodges, the philosophes, and the German Illuminati.

It is a unique study and invaluable for any serious investigator. If nothing else, the third and fourth sections are worth the price of the book: over 400 pages filled with lengthy extracts and exact quotations from the Illuminati conspirators themselves. Barruel consulted the Original Writings, published by the Bavarian Elector (c. 1786-88)--to warn the various governments of Europe about the impending revolution. After 200 hundred years this remains the most complete, and thorough account of the Illuminati in the English language. Unless you are well-versed in reading German and have acccess to a copy of the Original Writings--very expensive on the antiquarian market, very rare, and hard to find even in the world's greatest libraries--then you have but one choice: consult Barruel's Memoirs. It is as close to primary source material on the Illuminati as exists in the English language.

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