I quit the White Nationalist movement because of all of the Hitler worship of the other members. How anybody can lionize the most evil man in history who was responsible for WWII and the death of six million Jews and many millions of other non-Jews is beyond me, and I'm a lifetime Mensa member. The Nazis, including the repulsive David Duke, who rioted at Charlottesville got what they deserved, including the junior SS member who killed that poor lady when he ran her over with his car. White Nationalism is for LOSERS! Really, what have WNs ever accomplished? They have never won ANYTHING, except the hatred of the rest of the world, and they've earned it. That's why I became a Conservative Republican. Republicans are WINNERS! Exhibit A: the greatest president in my lifetime, Donald J. Trump! If you're a WN, then you're either stupid or insane. Get away from them if you want any credibility in life and get away NOW! *NM*

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