If you are a trump supporter and you believe and what Donald Trump has done and it's continuing to do to our country the new arbitrator accomplish the murder the insurrection the capital zeze thugs so cold call boys one of those organizations that went to the capital with the intentions chilling my pants, they even erected gallo to hang Mike Pence it's all on tape it's all on film Donald Trump good back I've watched all happen with a big smile on his face knowing is that the man that backed him up 100% all the time will possibly be hung. We've seen all the Carnage yesterday just put the frosting on the cake foremost of the loving and caring individuals that believe in the truth not in Donald Trump's constant lies, after all he is a narcissist and a pathological liar and the list goes on and on. I know that is the inner Sanctum of Donald Trump's show called Republican Party there are those let agree with what has taken place in the capital as the rages of his terrorist supporters *NM*