Alan Watt: Cutting through the Matrix

I just starting listening to this guy. He's very interesting and obviously correct in many of his assessments. But he comes across to me as a more intelligent yet slightly less flamboyant kind of "Alex Jones." He refuses to recognize the importance of race. RACE IS EVERYTHING. We live in a tribal world and to someone who is clearly very intelligent not to recognize that basic fact leaves me quite suspicious to say the least. For example he is doing his best to be politically incorrect as possible about talking about occultish organisations (just like Alex Jones) yet it seems he's still afraid of being called anti-Semitic or heaven forbid, "a racist." That's why I admire people like Dr Duke more than guys like this. At the end of the day it all stems from Jewish media control of Hollywood and the press and once we get that back we can sort out these banker gangsters NO PROBLEM. Yet Alex Jones and Alan Watt don't address this issue. They cower away like frightened little children when someone mentions JEW or NEGRO or any other race. AJ and this guy also speak openly about how EVIL Nazis and Hitler was. Gimme a break Anyone who believes THAT just doesn't understand racial reality and therefore understand LITTLE about the world in my opinion. Nevertheless I'll continue to listen because it is interesting.

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