Antifa was also tracking down William Finck *LINK*

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Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 11:21:19 -0400
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Joe could you send this message. Apparently I cannot post from here to either Earthworm or SAC lists:

This is from New Jersey antifa. The second speaker on the list for Saturday is William Finck, they have tracked him to Norwich, explaining why the event is in Binghamton.

Does someone have a trac phone or other anonymous phone system (encrypted skype or something)? If so, please email into the list if you are going to call. We should not call him 5 times or something, they'll start to think something's up.

hey gang,
i didn't get nearly as much done as i would have liked but wanted to shoot
this info out to you regardless. this is just a quick first run through
on his name. please note that this is UNVERIFIED information.

full name william raymond finck jr
here is a photo of william finck:

the contact on this site:
William Finck may be reached by mail at:
4233 State Highway 23
Norwich New York

running that comes up with a few potential (and probable) residents:
laberta e finck potentially age 69
william finick (believe this is him and he writes his name in wrong so
people can't search for him)
and amy miller.

the phone number associated with this residence i believe is (607) 334-8917.

90% sure this is what we're looking for. the next step would be to make
if someone could make a quick phone call to the house and see if bill is
there. visual confirmation should be next. i think if we can pin this
down, we should. eli is may be staying at bill's house sat. night.

let us know if you need anything specific. talk to you soon.
north jersey crew

Joe Golowka
Binghamton Education Workers Union

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