Eli James says he uses a fake name because of Antifa *LINK*

William Finck has tried to parlay my alias into some sort of conspiracy against the White Race. The reality is very simple. In order to avoid confrontations with such ZOG groups as the ARA, I have created a dual identity: one for the public and one for my Identity teachings. William Finck is very much aware of my troubles with the ARA, as he personally witnessed their attempted attack on our group in Binghamton NY on June 22, 2009. On that day, the ARA (Anti-Racist Action, a violent Jew-communist front group that operates in larger colleges) discovered the location of our meeting place. They called the New York Times and had that Jewish “newspaper” threaten the Veterans Hall where our meeting was scheduled. The VFW official caved in and we were evicted. Ironically, he handed us the eviction notice while we were standing in front the wall plaque dedicated to that organization’s determination to defend “freedom of speech.” Just as we were exiting the building, a crowd of 15 to 20 ARA marched in front of the building, chanting things like “Eli James is a racist, neo-Nazi.”

There were only five of us there, the purpose of which was to broadcast our Paul Seminar on Talkshoe Radio. The VFW Hall had promised us that there would be either Wi-Fi or an internet connection for us to use, so that we could broadcast live. Despite this promise, neither of those options were available, so our hope of a live show was gone. Then one of the staff members walked into the room with the quotation from the New York Times, accusing us of being “anti-Semites” and informing us that our meeting was being cancelled. Looking out from the second floor window, we could see over a tall hedgerow, from where the protesters were approaching the building in the rain. At this point, we all agreed that it was time to pack up our equipment and leave.

Heading downstairs, we headed for the front door, but there was a film crew interviewing a bunch of veteran bikers, who were being interviewed, live, on the front porch by a local TV camera crew. The protestors immediately mistook these veteran bikers for the “anti-semites,” and charged the front porch. Taking advantage of the confusion, we decided to leave by the side entrance to the parking lot, and we quietly got into our vehicles and sped off, having agreed to rendezvous a few blocks away.


We have had many close calls with the ARA. On one occasion, we nearly had a brawl in front of the restaurant, but we outnumbered the ARA about five to one that day. There were only four of them. A female member of their group snuck toward our meeting room and started to take pictures of us through the doorway, with her camera phone. One of our guys realized that she was taking pictures and chased her out of the restaurant. Later that week, one of our group, a teenage Polish skinhead, discovered that his photograph was being circulated in the school halls, with the words, “anti-Semite,” “Skinhead” and “Nazi” written on the pictures. This incident was very embarrassing for his parents.

This is what happens when you are in the front lines of the Resistance.

Since the Binghamton event, our group has had repeated confrontations with the ARA. At a downtown Chicago rally last summer, two members of my congregation, Tim and Matt, were attacked by the ARA, who charged at them with swinging chains. They defended themselves with knives. One of the ARA guys got seriously cut, so Tim and Matt got arrested for defending themselves with knives. The blades of the knives were half an inch beyond the legal limit for a “pocket knife,” so they did overnight jail time and had to hire a lawyer to minimize the fines. The ARA thugs were not prosecuted.

At an anti-gay rally in Wisconsin, sponsored by the NSM (National Socialist Movement), the organizers had the tires on their vehicle slashed. The NSM guard, who was supposed to watch the vehicles, had fallen asleep on the job, apparently because of his long overnight drive to the event. He heard the tires pop and the air hissing out of them, but the two ARA members ran away, right past the parking lot security guard, who did nothing to stop them!!

Last April, the ARA set off a smoke bomb in the men’s room of our meeting hall. The fire department ordered us all out of the building, putting an end to the event. Smoke bombs are high heat incendiary devices, that can easily set fire to flammable materials. We were lucky that the bomb was detected early. Of course, the ARA’s intention was to intimidate the owners of the venue, so as to discourage future White Nationalist meetings there.

The organizer of that event, Arthur Jones, who is now running for Congress, has had many run-ins with the ARA. Because he is a well-known White Nationalist, the ARA has had a number of demonstrations in front of his house, doing damage to his property and threatening to do violence to himself and his wife. A few days after the smoke bomb incident, he had his automobile sabotaged. His wife was driving the vehicle on the expressway, when the steering failed. Fortunately, there was not much traffic and she was able to slow the car down without getting into an accident. Later, the mechanic showed her where one of the tie-rods was cut into by a hacksaw. Shades of Cindy Steele!!!

Finally, two members of my local congregation have lost their jobs because their employers found out about their involvement in the White Resistance movement. One had worked at Wal-Mart and the other at a library. The worst thing that can happen at a conventional place of employment is for someone to call up your employer and say, “So and so is a member of Aryan Nations.” Even if the accusation is false, the suspicion created doesn’t go away; and the other employees shun the accused. This is what can happen if you are secret member of the Resistance. This is why many of our people use aliases and take great pains to prevent the enemy from knowing where we live. Consequently, anyone who reveals the secret membership of one of our own can only be seen as a traitor.

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