I'm happy to see Hal Turner finally getting some respect around here. At Hal's behest, I still call into as many RBN shows as I can, pretending to be a white nationalist while NONE of the hosts know or ever guess that I have been and remain a close friend and ally of Hal's for many years. The FBI paid Hal to help the Feds entrap white nationalists into long prison sentences, and for that I regard Hal as a true American hero. But again, neither hosts at nor listeners to RBN know this when I call in. I have to actually stifle my laughter at the way they buy my WN shtick hook, line and sinker. I intend to keep this up as long as possible, but as usual, I warn everybody in this forum: do NOT EVER attempt to inform ANY of the RBN hosts as to my true identity or my actual objectives, as that would very obviously anger Hal. Hal's wrath is something you NEVER want to experience. You have been warned. *NM*

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