The honesty of your mea culpa is refreshing. Yes, this forum REALLY HAS gone to shit since Stanley died. Stan hated White people almost as much as either Mo' Dees or Marty Limpsack does, but I have to grant Stanley this: he DID believe in Free Speech, completely unlike his fellow yid, Unwiped Fucktard™, who, prior to Mickey's re-arrival, deleted posts almost as often as he himself shitposts about Todd Daugherty. Under Stanley's stewardship, we had the freedom to post almost anything, but since the general quality level of posters was much higher then, it worked. The Mick, who turns 80 very soon (Happy Birthday, Mickey!), came out of retirement to grab the forum reins back from UF & restore the freedoms & at least SOME of the intelligence that made this forum fun 10-15 years ago. Of course, UF continues to stink the place up with his putrid idiocy that's driven any remaining worthwhile people away (yours truly excepted of course). Let's try to bring the average IQ here back up.;-) *NM* *PIC*

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