I see an ad that the City of Columbia says to not block drains with leaves. Tell these landscapers and yard people to stop blowing leaves all in the street and start bagging them up. Then we won’t have the backed-up drains and floods and stuff like we do. Think about that. Hey folks, this gentleman politician in New Jersey is going to change parties. I’ll be very blunt: A double-minded person is somebody you stay away from. That’s just wisdom from the Bible. The next time Lindsey Graham gets on TV and supports Donald Trump, ask yourself: What does Lindsey Graham have on him? I just went into to Baptist E.R. a little while ago to use the restroom and they had a high-level security check with a wand and making you take everything out of your pockets. The security guard was 5-foot tall. Yeah, I am just wondering about these damn lights in Columbia. The traffic lights. What ever happened to the idea that, on Main Street at night, the lights flash yellow? And the secondary streets *NM*