LOL!! The next time you PWN me will be the first time!! BTW, Unwiped, how many sockpuppets is this now?? Has your number of socks surpassed the number of baby boys you & the other mohels have raped at synagogue yet? And "driving to work" for you is having 6 or 7 yarmulke-clad orderlies use a truck engine hoist to heft your almost 1/4 ton carcass out of your bed and into your wheelchair so they can roll you into the day room where you can whine & kvetch in this forum all day about how your great hero, Todd Daugherty, is too mean to let you post in and shit up his forum, oy vey, lol!! Your problem (among MANY others) is that in this forum, I have a VERY long and well documented aversion to kikes, while YOU have a VERY long and well documented history of droolingly stupid shitposting about Todd and others under various and sundry usernames, which is VERY jewish behavior. This, among other reasons, is why you ALWAYS get your obese tuchis handed to you every time you attempt to take me on! *NM*

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