To the one or two individuals other than Unwiped Fucktard™: note Unwiped's droolingly clueless impostering of me posted above, then note the additional butthurt over Todd'swell justified refusal to allow Fucktard™ to post in Todd's forum, which is what I'm responding to here, then you'll understand, if you don't already, just how fatally brain damaged Unwiped really is, no matter how many sockpuppets Unwiped uses to try and hide it. Much like Unwiped's obese, bloated, 450 pound, nigger-dick-gorged, kike-ass, Unwiped's butthurt is much too large to ever hide. Cyanide, Unwiped: it's not just for breakfast anymore. And it's kosher. Look into it, LOL!!!! :-D *NM*

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