"A group of pro-Trump extremists stormed the Capitol building on January 6 as members of the United States Congress met to certify Joe Biden’s presidential victory in the election held last November—usually a routine procedure. While many rioters wore shirts and carried signs emblazoned with the slogan "Trump 2020", others openly sported Nazi and white supremacist symbols, which are easily identifiable in the amateur images they posted online. Hundreds of supporters of US President Donald Trump—convinced that the presidential election was marred by rampant fraud and that Trump was the true winner—tried to stop Congress from validating the election result by storming the Capitol building on January 6. They forced their way into the building in the early afternoon and vandalised the offices of several elected officials. Authorities reported that at least one person was shot and killed during the incident and three other people died during the protests. Police arrested 52 riote *NM*