Party of "law and order" huh? What happened to supporting the men in blue?? They beat that police officer to death with a fire extinguisher.. The low number of police, and the initial refusal of the National Guard, came from the top, due to "bad optics" of too much police force.. There is talk that there was help from within, ordered by Trump, to help with the failed coup, he is a failure at everything he does. As the days go by, I'm sure we will find out more, and if it's true.. I can't believe I'm seeing anyone stick up for what happened Weds, or refuse to condemn it.. That is our Capitol, all if ours. They literally defacated, and wiped it on the walls of our Capitol. I'm seeing more praise for that woman killed, than sympathy for the police officer. I'm not gonna ask how much lower we can go, apparently it's bottomless.. *NM* *PIC*

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