Every man and woman who stormed the capital building and those who encouraged this behavior should all be jailed for their actions. Trump in so many ways has tried to stay in power yet he fails to understand his time is running out, no matter how violent he encourages the people to be. Now the violence, that’s another matter. I don’t know what fucking country Trump THINKS he’s standing in, but that’s not how people stay in power here. We don’t encourage the most insipid and brainless of our fucking population to VIOLATE FEDERAL LAW for us so that our hands our clean. He doesn’t give a fuck about even one of these people. He never gave a fuck about this country. All he cared about was power, and these actions are those of a failed wannabe dictator who realizes his time is nigh. Prosecute him, then hand his ass over to the Iranian government. May we never see that piece of garbage again. *NM*

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