I watch ROH and AEW sometimes. fav wrestler is Kenny Omega. I know there was some cage match in smackdown for the new years show Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens. I do get sadded everyday knowing so many shows I can never really live again which I wish to experience as if in the hay day of WN. cant bare any of the new internut content creators since everyone is in this for monetization posting 50 affiliate links after every show. miss those .mp3 audio file downloads. Been staying mostly dark since March really. wanted to feel what Bill White or Matt Hale must have felt in the crow bar hotel, no entertaining yourself to death online just do your time, dont contact the outside world, jst makes it harder. Had many VOIP chat rooms that I never logged into for over 20 months now which I might return too till these local lockdowns are lifted in the spring. Happy new years dude. *NM*

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