Oh, niggah, puleease! I NEVER had any use for Alex Jones and Peter Schaenk hasn't been heard from in ages. You're really outdoing yourself this time, Unwiped. I'm actually having a good time watching you prove yourself to be a Fucktard™ and a half more than even I previously thought you to be. You should go back to your droolingly stupid "Toad" shitposts because at least with those, you looked to be a TAD less brain damaged than you do here. More experience, I guess. At least TRY, to the extent your Tay-Sachs damaged brain allows, to understand and actually know something about individuals whom you purport to imposter. Anyway, it's Friday, Unwiped. Time for you to break out your collection of well fondled NAMBLA Monthly Newsletters so you can wank off to all them in lieu of performing brisses at your synagogue, which is now closed due to covid. Fucktard™ is as Fucktard™ does, Unwiped, lol. ;-) *NM*

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