American made terrorist.. Dear family of Ashli Babbitt: Your sister, mom, daughter was a terrorist. Now she’s dead. And while that’s a sad thing; nobody's crying. You see, yesterday she decided to go to Washington DC to attack the United States Capitol. Once she had battered down the front doors, she and her friends made their way to the chamber of the US House of Representatives, where she smashed out the windows and was trying to claw her way into the room. When it was clear she was going to make her way inside, the capitol hill police shot her dead. But this wasn’t who she was, you say. She was a typical woman from San Diego, owned a pool service company with her husband. But you’re wrong. She had been radicalized over the last few years by Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, Q Anon, and even Donald Trump. She listened to them, and believed them when they told her that the Democrats had stolen the election, that Democrats were Socialists hell bent on destro *NM*

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