Four people lost their lives during the attack, including one woman shot to death by a Capitol Police officer. However, not even the death of four people deters the Trump army from the plans for sedition. If anything, those deaths may prove to be an accelerant the burning fire since any supremacist cause requires violence to succeed. Inherently, it is force used to protect and expand power. The people committing these acts at the Capitol, as well as the president and other members of Congress who incited them to riot, surely understood that. Equitable law enforcement might help. Days after prosecutors declined to charge a Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer for shooting and paralyzing Jacob Blake last summer, we saw these white thugs handled, comparatively, with kid gloves. Only 54 arrests were made, which should stupefy anyone who saw the images from that day. A viral video let us all see one cop allowing a Trump supporter take a selfie with him. Another showed others opening the gates *NM*

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