Trump, as he does, channeled that insanity for the ugliest possible purpose. He himself invited them to invade, both via a tweet in December and earlier that same January morning during his speech, so they had no fear of reprisal or consequences. Contrary to the feigned confusion offered Thursday morning by the Capitol Police chief, the entire nation knew that this was possible. Having discussed it online for weeks, Trump MAGA sycophants told us they were going to be there on January 6th and what they planned to do. And with the overall passivity, permissiveness, and lack of preparation on display, the law enforcement on hand made clear that they didn’t consider a massive mob of white people to be a threat. The lack of competence was so egregious, it invites accusations of collusion. “It is unavoidable to question whether or not there were law enforcement people who were complicit with these actions or was this a total intelligence, tactical and response failure,” said Marq Cl *NM*

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