It’s the People’s House, but the terrorists behaved as if only they should have the keys to the Capitol. One man sat in Nancy Pelosi’s office, his feet contemptuously propped up on her atop the desk and a smile on his face. Others charged at a member of law enforcement, left alone and unable to handle the mob’s surge. We saw them literally on the walls, hanging from a ledge in the Senate chambers or outside, swinging on the scaffold. Others took selfies and souvenir photographs, as if the mob’s intrusion were merely some Capitol tour gone awry. A door featured the newly scrawled threat: “Murder the Media.” Others were seen with pipe bombs, guns, and zip ties, apparently prepared to take hostages. A man stood where Vice President Mike Pence typically sits in the Senate chamber, taking it upon himself to declare that Donald Trump had, indeed, won an election he lost. The entire scene was a violation in the purest sense, and on top of all that, the lack of protective face co *NM*

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