Today, Wednesday Jan 6th ....................

When we wake up to orrow, we're going to witness something that has never happened in the history of our nation. We're going to see a million or more patriots at the ellipse park in D.C., there to hear the President speak about stolen elections and stolen freedom. We're going to see Congress meet to hear the count of Electoral College votes, and 5-7 state's will have objections heard, followed by televised discourse on why certain electors should not be valid. We're going to see VP Pence as President of the Senate count votes in a fashion that has not been seen before, with all eyes on his every word.

We will see history being made, your way or the other. At this point in time, we as individuals have done everything in our individual and collective power to bring about the outcome that we want, yet evil plans may ultimately prevail. Nobody knows until the chips are down, and even after tomorrow, there may be court proceedings and Supreme Court filings to further or negate what happened, by both sides.

On this, I ask that you recognize that we've seen a solid run over the past 4 years. We watched history being made by a POTUS that actually cared about America and wanted us all to be successful. Trump only made it in through our actions, and was dogged at every turn - but still accomplished a lot of what we asked him to do for us, our families, and our future.

No matter what happens tomorrow or Jan20, know this; we were witness to history being made. No matter what comes next, our lives won't change negatively immediately. We still have jobs to do, grocery stores are stocked, and our families are largely happy and healthy. The downward trend may come, but when it does, you will need to look back and know you lived as best you could with what you had.

Don't get discouraged. Don't lose hope. Don't get angry at thin air or things outside of your control. Live your life, and be a lighthouse for hose around you to live theirs as well.

Life goes on. No matter what happens tomorrow, or Jan20, or next year... life goes on.

Duke 2021

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