Along these lines, let it be known that I, along with a contingent of My fellow Democrat Activist Contact Tracers will be attending tRump's "Steal the Vote" demonstration this Wednesday in Washington D.C. to aid and buttress the continent of National Guardsmen who will be on hand to neturalize in any way they can, the violence which is sure to break out from the complete thuggery and overt savageness of the Ever-tRumpers, who just CANNOT submit to the harsh reality that THEIR MAN LOST and that the BETTER MAN, JOESEPH ROBINETTE BIDEN JR. and his VP, the brilliant and lovely KAMALA HARRIS, WON THE ELECTION FAIR AND SQUARE and WILL be sworn in to the Oval office on January 20 as our new President and Vice President, respectively, of this great nation!!! The brave heroes and warriors of the National Guard are likely to spend this Wednesday getting in some long overdue and valuable TARGET PRACTICE, ROTFLMDACTAO!!!!!! Until I speak to you again, TOODLES!!!!!! :-D *NM* *LINK*

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