HELLOOOOOO FELLOW NIMONIANS!!! To quell any extant rumours lurking about this forum, let me just reassure everybody that I have incontrovertibly abandoned the possibility of producing ANY future segments of ON THE DOMESTIC FRONT, concomitant with My abdication of the position of The World's Greatest TimeLord in favour of assuming the more sensible, as well as palatable mantle of The World's Greatest Democrat Activist Contact Tracer!!! I had a GREAT run, presiding over more than 18,000 editions of OTDF from its premiere in 1943, but the time had come by its 2014 demise, for Me to move on!!! My political evolution, spurred by My latent interest in the genius of Marx, Engels and Obama, combined with the passing of My longtime friend, colleague and co-host, Joe Bednarsky, as well as My abandonment of The Daleks, really left Me with only one course of action: the one I've taken and from which I will NEVER deviate for as long as I live!!! *NM* *LINK*

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