Once again I humbly request that all of you PLEASE LEAVE Unwiped Fucktard™ alone! He's not like other people (God forbid there should be another like him). He's a jewish genetic defective, born with Tay-Sachs induced brain damage. He limits all of his life's battles to anonymously spamposting about my brother Todd, or anybody else who's superior to Unwiped, which is anybody with a pulse. It's all he knows. It's all he has. It's the only skill set he's ever acquired during his entire, miserable, wasted life in which he's never held down a real job or done an honest day's work. Like most of his race, "work" is a 4 letter word. UF is insanely jealous of Todd for being a handsome, successful, Caucasian man just as UF is an obese, greasy, jewish pedo who lives out his worthless life as an anonymous internet troll. Please show UF some mercy. Though he doesn't deserve it, higher level human beings should be better than the low class, actually no class Unwiped Fucktard™. Todd definitely is *NM*

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