Hate & flame should be 100% posting about TOAD! That's all that matters to me in life and it's all my Tay-Sach brain damaged brain can even begin to understand, outside of illicit sex with either extremely large, VERY dark black men or fat little boys who need to be brissed! Which reminds me: WHY AREN'T YOU SHITPOSTING ABOUT TOAD? What am I PAYING you and my 6,666 other sockpuppets for? Certainly not to post about Coronavirus or (G-d forbid) anything to do with white nationalism! You are STEALING MY MONEY if you DON'T SHITPOST ABOUT TOAD! Do you need a refresher on how it's done? Ok... TOAD IS AUTISTIC AND LIVES WITH HIS PARENTS!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO RUN A MESSAGE FORUM BECAUSE HE KEEPS BANNING ME!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD HAS BAD BREATH WHEREAS I HAVE HORRIBLE TOTAL BODY ODOR!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD IS A LOWLY GOY WHILE I AM A J-W!!! HAHAHA!!! TOAD LOSES EVERY JOB HE GETS WHILE I'VE NEVER BEEN EMPLOYED EVEN ONCE DURING MY ENTIRE WELFARE & OXYGEN THIEVING LIFE!!! HAHAHA!!! HAHAHA!!! *NM*

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