Do you remember when Curt Maynard "took over" the ANSWP from Commander Bitch Tits? He had a thread on Troll Central (i.e. Linderwitz's Shithole) about it and that was some of the funniest stuff I've EVER seen online! Linderwitz of course deleted it after a while, which is not surprising since Linderwitz felt severely threatened by Maynard, which is how intellectual bully/physical coward Linderwitz regards ANYBODY who won't bow and scrape to him, or can even remotely give him a good debate and challenge him in any way. In fact, Linderwitz punked out of a podcast debate after being challenged by Maynard. I really miss Curt/Melcur. His death (likely murder) was a genuine loss to White Nationalism, which is why he was targeted, unlike Linderwitz, who's too busy collecting ZOG checks courtesy of his C.O., Frazier Glenn Killer, i.e. "Flounder"! :-( *NM*

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