And then there are the liberals — or rather, what I call the “incidental” liberals, in order to distinguish them from the intrinsic liberals. Incidental liberals are people who accept liberal policies only because they don’t understand. They aren’t lemmings, but they have nevertheless let themselves be misinformed to the point that they might as well be lemmings. They’ve simply absorbed what they’ve been taught in school and by the controlled media about all the races being inherently equal in ability and morality, about differences in individual and group achievement being due entirely to differences in environment and in opportunity, about the only difference between Jews and everyone else being a matter of religion, and so on.

It’s not that they feel a need to believe these things because of some psychological trauma caused by faulty potty training, as is the case with the intrinsic liberals. It’s just that they never questioned what they were told. Perhaps they grew up in a rural area or a small town which was essentially White and Gentile and so didn’t see the glaring contradictions between reality and what they were taught. Perhaps they just aren’t very perceptive. Perhaps hearing sophomore college girls squeal, “Ooooh, my god! How can you be soooo stupid!” whenever someone violated a taboo of Political Correctness has made them gun shy: they haven’t wanted to risk becoming an object of ridicule themselves.

What folks like this need is a good, big dose of reality. Sometimes moving to a big city will do the job. Sometimes military service will clear up the problem. I’ve had a number of letters from people in the Army who’ve confessed to me that until recently they had believed much of the television propaganda about racial equality, and it wasn’t until they’d had a chance to experience the wonders of the colored brother up close and had gagged on the experience that they realized they had been lied to and began looking for the truth. But you must remember that these people aren’t real liberals. A real liberal will continue making excuses for Blacks even after going through basic training with them in the Army. A real liberal will flee from the reality of life with Blacks in the big city but even after reaching the safety of a Whiter area will not admit why he fled. Real liberals need more than a dose of reality to straighten out their thinking. They need an experience at least as traumatic as whatever it was that went wrong during their potty training. Believe me, they’ll get it, but it may come too late to do much good.

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