Listen shiksah, if Toad actually committed even ONE of the crimes I or any of my 6,666 socks have accused him of, he would already be in jail, especially since he's so easy for law enforcement to find as he goes about in the real world and online under his REAL name! Compare that to me, a greasy, obese, rat faced, hook nosed Jew who REALLY DOES partake of the same pedophilia I accuse Toad of, but since I forever hide my obese, wheelchair-ridden tuchis behind an anonymous PC screen, the cops can NEVER find me because they don't know who I am or where I live! I claim Todd is unable to run a message forum even though he actually does it, whereas I have NEVER operated my own message forum in my life, which is why I have to use THIS forum to anonymously shitpost about Toad, of whom I'm INSANELY JEALOUS, being that Toad, a handsome White man, has succeeded in ALL the same life endeavors at which I have utterly failed (no job, can't walk, morbidly obese, fugly, Jewish and not White, etc.). *NM*

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